Skimmers and accessories

Oil skimmers and accessories

For every type of oil and scenario

Skimmer types

KWS Skimmers

A range of weir skimmers with self-adjustable weir lip and with built in or external pump.


A range of disc-brush skimmers for recovery of medium to high viscous oils. Capacity from 2 to 50 m3

Special skimmers

We also design and manufacture belt-brush skimmers and vacuum units.


Skimmers are supplied in systems  and delivered with a diesel or electric power pack, hose set and possibly a temporary storage tank.

We can help you

Choosing skimmer is depending on many parameters and you first have to decide the recovery capacity you want from your system and under which ambient condtions the skimmer shall work, i. e. offshore. inshore, low water, in current etc. Then many other issues must be considered, such as viscosity of the oil, does it contain much debris, suction height if pump is not built into the skimmer and the thickness of the oil layer. Finally how big a power pack do you need, diesel or electric, must it be intrinsically safe? If it sounds like complicated let us make a suggestion for your new skimmer system with a competitive price quotation.

And we will even do the installation and do not leave until you are satisfied and the system works.

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